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Multicultural Council of NY is a Not for Profit Organization 501(c)(3).  If anyone would like to make a donation, the donations  

  • Help performing and fine artists who need assistance

  • helping out Not for Profit organizations by providing experience and knowledge to carry out the event

  • connecting one organization with another organization to find synergy

  • finding youth and young adults and give scholarship

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Get Involved

Multicultural Council of NY board members is working on humanitarian, arts, community-related activities.  Since COVID19, we have been meeting virtually bi-monthly or as needed.  Let me know if you are interested to visit the meeting as a guest. We will let you know the meeting detail. 


We appreciate whatever you can donate (See Donation) while we try to connect other organizations.  We encourage events, projects to bring out enthusiasm!    


We are keeping social distancing, promoting the wearing masks for everyone's safety.  


Activities during COVID19:

  1. Deliver food, school materials to needy families

  2. Reach out to connect with neighbors we did not know

  3. Make calls to elders to show care

  4. Continue to promote concerts, art events, and projects to stimulate the mind and positive spirit during this difficult time. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEBODY'S HEART!  (In the distance we can still hug our family members, friends, and neighbors!) 


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Byung Han Lee
Memorial Humanity

Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Below is a current list of Contributors to the Fund.  We want to thank each and everyone of you for your kind and heartfelt contributions.  We will be reporting back on how the monies will be used.


  • Sue Pak 

  • Linda Leaf 

  • Jackson Main School Staff 

  • Yoon Kim

  • Hyun Bin Im 

  • Jaehee Yoo

  • Dr. Julissa

  • Youngsoo & Jinsook Choi

  • KAAQ

  • Alice Lee

  • Thomas Soohyun Kim

  • Pastor Joshua Jong

  • Dr. Mihsook Hyun

  • Randy K Young

  • Vanessa Chung

  • Kelly Gaspari

  • Anonymous

  • Niki Gins

  • Qiana Burton

  • Eunjoo Li

  • Arvind Vora

  •  Lillian Hsiao

  • Dr.Jeong-eun Rhee

  • Judy Suh

  • Mary Waring

  • Diann McCabe

  • Roberta Sexton

  • Dr. Ann Zalkind

  • Syeda Mazhar

  • Xiermei Ye-Matheus

  • Richard Corson

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