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NYSABE Holds Its 45th Annual Conference and we were there.....

This past month, our own Soh Young Lee-Segredo was invited to multiple events at the 45th NYSABE Conference which was held on March 16 to 18, 2023. She attended as:

  1. the leader of the Hempstead School District's Jackson Main Annex World School Choir's conference opening performance

  2. an educator teaching a session on "How to apply Multiple Intelligences Therory in the Classroom", and

  3. to receive NYSABE's "Bilingual Teacher of the Year"!!

NYSABE were planning a space in which they could come together as a learning community to focus on the unique needs of their multilingual learners (MLLs) and their families as a way of empowering them to ensure they reach their maximum potential. The conference featured workshops, speakers, and informational sessions highlighting current instructional, social-emotional, and education-related issues that we are facing. They also engaged in conversations on how, we as a learning community, are transforming education to ensure diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

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