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"Not In My...." Local Park

Brian Song

Hello. I am a junior from Roslyn. I became passionate about environmentalism and teaching others how to be sustainable and identify invasive species after going out on walks from being cooped up inside during Covid. After seeing invasive species at my local park, I wanted to tackle the problem of finding them in a fun way. One of my other interests is computer science, more specifically machine learning. Machine learning is responsible for some very interesting advancements, such as being able to diagnose cancer and is used for self-driving cars. I made an iPhone app for my volunteer group, and a demonstration is shown here at this link:

Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting feedback. Is it possible if I could share my app with visitors or in the science education program? I want to learn how to improve my app by gaining exposure and at the same time teach others about technology and preserving the environment.

Feel free to email any concerns. Thank you.
Plant Disease App
I created an app called “Garden Doctors” on the apple app store that can find plant diseases and I was inspired after learning how to code and from my experience volunteering at a local park organization. I was hoping for some feedback on how I could improve it. Admittedly, the core functionality of the app, which is finding diseases, can be a little inconsistent at times. As a result, I am trying to expand my dataset to make my app more accurate. Along with caring about the environment, I am also passionate about computer science. If you are interested, you can look at the process I used to create my app. Below are QR codes for a demonstration of my app and also more technical details if you want to learn how to replicate it yourself.

Part 1 (general intro) Part 2 (in depth with code)

If you can’t use the QR codes, you can also go to the youtube channel: Garden Doctors or at the url:
Feedback/questions are always appreciated! Send to

***Note: Currently there are some complications with uploading my app to the app store, so it may not be available when you read this. It should be available this week
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