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Chef Soh Young Demonstrates how to prepare Korean Pancakes

Our very own founder Soh Young Lee-Segredo once again shares with us how to prepare Korean food. In this case, she show us how to prepare Potato and Scallion pancakes (Jeon).

The video was originally shown on the Queens Public Library offerings shown on their Facebook page on Saturday, June 4th.

The Chef will begin the demonstration with the age old question, "why a Potato?". From that high point onward we will peel, cut and dice a collection of Russet, green and Idahoan to our heart's desire. We will get to understand the many medicinal values that were hidden behind their facades!

We will then shift our attentions to the humble scallion and how it is quite a challenger to its more illustrious cousin, the onion.

Of course, none of this would be possible or tasty without the magical dipping sauce. A combination of soy sauce, vinegar and sugar will turn a lowly Potato into the food of the gods!

As Julia Childs said, and I quote Soh Young also, "bon appetite!"

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