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A Different Look Inside a Long Island Family

This past Sunday, June 23rd, Soh Young and her husband had the opportunity to attend a screening of a new award wining film titled, 'These Days'. The synopsis of the film is,

Burgeoning muralist Jay (Billy Mayorga Reyes) lives in Brentwood, NY, where his neighborhood of Salvadoran immigrants offers a rich tapestry of stories, traditions, and perspectives that have often been marginalized and overlooked. At age 15, he is involved in a local youth program aimed at both healing generational trauma and combating the lure of gang violence.....

The film has won several awards at the Hamptons International Film Festival, the Chelsea Film Festival 2023, and the Golden State Film Festival 2024. We were joined at the event by Dafny Irizarry, President of LILTA. Please go to their Facebook page for a screening schedule,

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