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The Multicultural Council of New York (MCCNY), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was established in the fall of 2013, by Soh Young Lee-Segredo.


Mission Statement

 The Multicultural Council of New York, Inc’s mission is to develop projects that promote arts in education and communities; inclusive of fine artists, performing artists and students who study the arts and promote expressions of human rights for women and girls that reflect harmony and understanding of cultural diversity. 


Vision Statement

MCCNY’s vision is to promote cooperation and collaboration among diverse ethnic/cultural communities using technology, global thinking skills and create synergy by working with other organizations

Latest News

Multicultural Council of NY board members are working on humanitarian, arts, community-related activities.  Since COVID19, we have been meeting virtually bi-monthly or as needed.  Let me know if you are interested in visiting the meeting as a guest. We will let you know the meeting details. 


We appreciate whatever you can donate (See Donation) while we try to connect other organizations.  We encourage events, projects to bring out enthusiasm!    


We are keeping social distancing, promoting wearing masks for everyone's safety.  


Activities during COVID19:

  • Deliver food, school materials to needy families

  • Reach out to connect with neighbors we did not know

  • Make calls to senior citizens to show care

  • Continue to promote concerts, art events, and projects to stimulate the mind and positive spirit during this difficult time. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEBODY'S HEART!  (In the distance we can still hug our family members, friends, and neighbors!)  

Upcoming Events

  • QPL Korean Noodle Dish (Jampong, Noodle & Seafood Dishes)
    Available Now
    QPL Korean Noodle Dish (Jampong, Noodle & Seafood Dishes)
  • It's Time to be KIND, Kimbop, Korean Sushi
    Wed, Dec 15
    Chef Soh Young will once again take you to her Cooking Corner to show you how to prepare Kimbop! Set your browser to:
  • It's Time to be KIND, Two Style Tofu Dishes
    Wed, Dec 08
    Chef Soh Young will once again take you to her Cooking Corner to show you how to prepare Two Styles of Tofu dishes: Tofu Stew and Stir Fry Tofu! Set your browser to:
  • Gaia's Essence Women's Wellness Conference Participation
    Sat, Sep 25
    Soh Young Lee-Segredo's presentation titled, "We Are What We Eat".
  • Soh Young's Cooking Corner - Summer Foods
    Sat, Jul 31
    Soh Young's Cooking Corner - Summer Foods
    Chef Soh Young will prepare two dishes commonly served during the hot months of Summer in Korean society.
  • Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month
    Fri, Apr 23
    found at -
    Stories, Songs, Traditional Dances and K-Pop
  • Women's History Month 2021
    Thu, Mar 25
    Women's History Month 2021
    Women in our Everyday Lives that Think Globally, Act Locally
  • Punya Tithi Ceremony
    Sat, Jan 30
    A ceremony was held at the Indian Consulate to celebrate the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Soh Young Lee-Segredo was invited to speak and sing at the event.
  • Concert: Soh Young and Friends Holiday Music
    Tue, Dec 15
    Queens Public Library Facebook Page
    Concert: Soh Young and Friends Holiday Music
    Christmas Music for the Entire Family.
  • King Manor Traditional Arts Festival
    Sat, Jun 29
    King Manor Museum used to have outdoor 2 to 3 days Traditional Festival. This created wonderful learning and teaching experience for diverse communities. People use to come from NYC, NJ, LI. Unfortunately during COVID19, it was not possible to gather up. King Manor Museum opened a grant proposal

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